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It can happen to just about anyone. You’re at a party or stop to have a drink with friends or co-workers. You think you’ve been drinking responsibly, but law enforcement officers pull you over on the way home (maybe for a broken taillight or some similar offense), and request that you take a breathalyzer test. To your surprise, you fail. What do you do now? A conviction for drinking and driving can have serious repercussions. Under the right circumstances, you could incur extensive fines, have an ignition interlock device installed on your car (at your expense), be ordered to perform community service or take driver’s education classes, or even serve time in jail. You need an aggressive attorney to protect your rights. You need Matthew V. Markosian.

Experienced New Jersey Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

Attorney Matthew V. Markosian brings more than 15 years of experience to every case he handles. Throughout his legal career, Matt has regularly represented clients in courtroom proceedings. He’s an experienced and proven attorney who knows what to expect from opposing counsel and how to best protect your rights before a judge and jury.

Matt built his successful practice on a commitment to full and open communication with his clients. He’ll promptly notify you of any developments in your case, and will carefully explain your options, as well as your likelihood of success, so that you can make good decisions about how you want to proceed. Matt knows the importance of a timely response to your questions or concerns and strives to be available and accessible when you call, or to return your calls and emails as swiftly as possible.

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Our Representation in DUI and DWI Prosecutions

We handle all legal matters related to charges of driving under the influence or driving while impaired in New Jersey. When you hire us, we’ll conduct a thorough investigation of the circumstances related to your detention and/or arrest:

  • We determine whether law enforcement officers had probable cause to pull you over
  • We’ll confirm whether you were properly notified of your constitutional rights when taken into custody
  • We’ll examine whether field sobriety and blood alcohol content (BAC) tests were correctly administered
  • We’ll question all potential witnesses, if necessary, to identify any evidence to support your acquittal

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Your choice of legal counsel can make all the difference in a DUI/DWI prosecution. Trust your future to attorney Matthew V. Markosian, a proven advocate.

To arrange a private consultation, call attorney Markosian at 609-455-2090 or send us an email. Your first meeting is without cost or obligation. Evening and weekend appointments can be scheduled, if necessary. Because of our experience and reputation, many of our new clients are referrals from other attorneys, or from people we have successfully represented in the past.

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